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      Election Hub is the most powerful election management software-as-a-service (SaaS) system on the planet!

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      Orbiting the Hub

      The Election Hub is a powerful suite of application services connecting your election information to voters, elections administrators, poll workers and technicians in easy-to-use, cloud websites we call "Spoke Apps". By segmenting functions into different web sites we have tailored our sites directly to the needs of the intended user and provided a means for you to purchase only what you need and grow with Election Hub as your needs expand. What ties all these websites together is the administrative services and data sharing of ElectionHub.com.

      Spoke websites include:

      • ElectionDayWorker.com – enables the public to apply for Poll Worker/Election Judge positions and is a vehicle for worker-to-administrator communications and Election Day activities.
      • PollSiteLocator.com – an online, simple-to-use voter information application.
      • ElectionResponder.com – an advanced mobile application for onsite identification and resolution of Election Day issue.
      • ElectionPlan.com - the indispensible scheduling and planning tool that allows you to work smarter and plan better.
      • ElectionInsite.com - check in poll workers, monitor average voter time and upload results with this Election Day poll site tool.
      • ElectionBin.com - tracks deployment of assets with handheld devices and reporting website.
      • ElectionAPI.com - enables a secure link to election information for outside election organizations and other interested parties.
      • ResultsCaster.com - the election night results app that was born to wear the purple.
      • ElectionRecord.com - consolidate your election results with confidence and ease.
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      In the Hub

      ElectionHub.com is the central administration site for all Spoke Apps. From ElectionHub.com you can make Spoke Connections that permit you to perform administrative tasks on your spoke websites. In addition, common information such as messaging, branding and other administrative settings can be directly updated in ElectionHub.com.

      • The Messaging module permits you to add and update global broadcasts you wish to push out to spoke applications.
      • The Setup module allows you to administer important lists such as languages, poll worker positions, political parties and more.
      • The Branding module enables you to customize your spoke websites with images, social media access and standard links to your websites.
      • The Settings module lets you control user access to ElectionHub.com and Spoke Apps, download useful extensions, see your API settings, have an interactive chat with customer support and more.
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      Security, Central to the Hub

      The Election Hub incorporates military-grade security encrypting data to endpoints with time-sensitive gates. All transactions to the hub are locked down and validated through this mechanism. All access whether via an external program or by an interactive user is secured.

      All administrative actions are audited to ensure quality and accountability. Individual access to Election Hub or Hub data is validated with role-based security. Session connections to the site are tracked using session tokens based on best practices for Session Security as described by the Massachussits Institute of Technology.

      With Election Hub and its Spoke Apps, you can feel good knowing your users have better access to the information you want them to have, and the data you need to secure is safely locked away.

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